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Why Wandering Prayer?


I have been working with people from youth to seniors for decades and the repeated sentiment I hear is, “I don’t pray as much as I’d like to.” I’ve seen churches, youth ministries, pastors, leaders and new believers all express the same need. People find it challenging to pray and connect with God. It doesn’t need to be. And there’s one simple reason.

God wants to connect with you.

So is all about helping us to connect with God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit — in historic ways, liturgical ways, creative ways and ways that help develop your relationship with God.

In my own journey with Jesus, I’ve found that I don’t stick with one way to connect with God. Devotional books are great, musical worship/prayer is great, praying the Scriptures is great but I enjoy a smorgasbord of approaches. You might say I’m easily distracted or poorly disciplined. [Hey, don’t say that!] God has made me a unique creation so I use unique and creative methods to spend time with Him. I love the historic and the innovative ways we can approach God! will bring ideas, conversation, resources and encouragement for you as you seek to draw close to God. In the book of Mark, we find the great commandment.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

That’s our call to be with God using ALL we’ve got including self-discipline, creativity, weakness, energy, thoughts, emotions, talents, struggles, personality, strength, brokenness, relationships with others, EVERYTHING!

C’mon, it’ll be fun and you canget close with God. How cool is that?