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Contact me at  for

  • help with creative prayer rooms
  • speaking (I have retired from standup comedy but still do speak at times)
  • to chat about your experience in prayer and spending time with God

Booking Jim to speak/catalyze/inspire/amuse/provoke:

Book Jim to speak at your next event. He brings creativity, humour and vision to his presentations. With his background in 24-7 Prayer, radio broadcasting, entrepreneurism, zoo guiding, youth and discipleship pastoring, standup comedy, business, voice work, leadership training, and mission/service projects Jim can speak into many contexts.

His audiences have included young and old, volunteer teams, Sunday worship services, classes, business people, chapels, community groups, high schools, seminarians, mission teams, camps, youth leaders, pastors, elementary schools, Bible colleges, denominational leaders, and a moderately attentive Golden Retriever.

To discuss how Jim can serve your speaking needs please email

Comments about Jim’s presentations:

Thank you for your message at our CLI.  It was a good start to our Conference.  You connected well with the audience and gave a very encouraging message.
Sharon Fraess,   National Director CCI Canada

Good day Jim. I just want to thank you for organizing the prayer sessions at Parkwood. I find the time so precious & peaceful. What a wonderful way to start the week!  Valerie

Jim,   I love your preaching!! Today’s hit me where I live and so many times I wanted to stand up and yell, “Listen to the man!!! This is where the rubber hits the road.” I’m sure you’re glad to know that I do possess self control.

Thanks for helping to make our April meeting so successful. As I had mentioned earlier, these changing times are a bit difficult for many congregations and as a church body we are in danger of letting ourselves get overwhelmed with the seriousness of what we do. Your presentation gave us some well-needed laughter and an opportunity to see the lighter side of church life.
Although I am no comedian, I feel encouraged to use your example and interject some laughter into the worship services at Sharon-Hope United  – I’ll let you know how that works out!
I will be happy to promote you at any opportunity. Please keep doing what you can to bring some joy into our faith.

Thanks again for doing last night’s entertainment. Lutherans are very serious people( most Lutherans!) and you made them laugh and enjoy themselves. Great job.

It was very refreshing to hear you speak, again, Jim.  You made Caitlyn and me cry. Thanks for sharing your heart with us even the second time through!  (We both cry when we laugh). Arrrrr!

On behalf of York Presbytery I sincerely thank you for your presentation on Tuesday evening. It was not only entertaining, but very useful if the ministers present took it to heart. I know that some of them will try to put into action what you recommended and their congregations will benefit.

Taught me more about God and myself

I admire your ability to just talk with all the kids and not care if you look like a fool .

You really inspired me

You really make me think about my creator! It helps me out a lot.

…so creative, full of vision and fun

Funny, but got the point across

Jim, you did an awesome job, thanks a lot!

That was wonderful! Excellent analogies, thanks Jim

Jim, you did a great job! Very good job of getting the campers involved in your talks

I’d like to start out by saying that that was a great talk you gave today at Centennial! It put evangelism into a new perspective for me and pointed out some errors on my part.

Your sessions are amazing. You are such a good speaker.

It’s always fun and yet challenging to hear you speak.

Thanks for your service! Jesus shines through you.

Thanks for being a down to earth guy who can really get a point across.

You’ve been able to illustrate God’s love for us in some really cool ways.

Wow!  You did an amazing job yesterday!  You definitely have natural talent for performance and how wonderful to be able to use it to glorify God!  I was wondering the whole time how much of it was memorization and how much was ad lib?  I bet you wrote the whole thing, didn’t you?  So I just wanted to echo many others’ opinions in praising your awesome performance!

Martha, 39, ” Jim was excellent”
Leanne, 13, ” Jim was really good, and funny”

“Jim delivered! We asked for a message with lots of humour and that’s just what we received. Jim brought a biblically based message with plenty of wit. I highly recommend him. We will definitely be calling you again Jim!”    Have a great day,  Randy

“You have to come back!”

“I don’t remember when I laughed so hard.”

Jim did a fabulous job connecting with our kids in a short period of time. Each night he brought a message that challenged and encouraged the kids wherever they were at, whether Christians or non-Christians. And he didn’t just present “stock” messages, but he took the time to develop effective, hockey-related illustrations that really kept their attention. Jim’s mix of profound truth and humour make him a very effective speaker, and I would highly recommend him, whatever your function. 

                                                          Glen Hoos

, AIA Hockey Camp Director

I count it a real privilege to recommend to you the ministry and message of Jim Tice. I have known Jim for more than 10 years and have seen his skill as a contemporary communicator of the Christian message used by God. He is a man of proven character and deep devotion. His commitment to his wife and family is an inspiration to me and others who often struggle with how to best balance the demands of ministry and home. 

I have seen Jim speak to and engage audiences of various types and sizes over the years. Most recently he did 3 sets of stand up comedy for a karaoke outreach event that our church operates in a local bar. He got many laughs from the audience of both churched and unchurched people with own brand of what I call, “family friendly” humour. Jim’s ability to connect with the audience was noted by many in attendance. 

In addition to his oral communication skills, Jim also possesses a talent for dramatic writing. I have used one of his many humourous scripts with great success in our youth ministry.

Jim is an excellent trainer of leaders for your ministry as well. Whether as a plenary conference speaker or a seminar leader, Jim brings a breadth and longevity of experience to helping others understand and do ministry better. Jim is a very experienced mission trip leader, small group equipper, spirituality mentor and communication trainer who can certainly be of benefit to leaders that need to be both inspired and educated.

As a speaker, comedian , writer and trainer I highly recommend Jim Tice. He will connect with the audience, engage them with the message and leave them both entertained and impacted by the message of Jesus Christ.

           In Christ,

 Rev. Jacob Birch,   Lead Pastor
Erin Village Alliance Church