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Waiting For You

Image by Paul Brennanfrom Pixabay

I firmly believe God is waiting for you. 

The Creator of the universe is keenly aware of you. He’s keenly aware of everyone and everything. But it’s no less remarkable that He is keenly aware and anxious to connect with YOU.

That’s why wandering prayer, that’s why this blog exists.

We tend to wander. We pray. And then we don’t. We doubt and so we don’t try. 

God doesn’t need us to pray. But He wants us to. It’s not a need God has. It’s a love He has. A love He has for you.

It’s a need or a missing piece in our lives that only God can fill. That’s why He sent His Son, Jesus. Jesus came to bring us back to God.

Try it.

Give it a try for the first or eighth or umpteenth time. Talk to God. Listen to Him. 

Read a few verses from the Bible. Try Psalm 139:1-6 or verses 7-12, 13-14 or read them all! It’s a great psalm where God speaks to us as beloved individuals.

God sees you as only you, unique and special to Him. Despite any feelings or ideas to the contrary you or others may have. God loves you and is awaiting your attention. 


Talk to Him. Listen to Him. (that’s what prayer is). 

Listen for His still small voice. It will be loving and affirming. He will not tear you down or harm you. That’s the voice of the devil. The devil wants to steal, kill and destroy. Turn away from him to God’s voice of love and care.

God cares for you. Really.