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Making Godspace

Stand at the Crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls’.” Jeremiah 6:16

No matter how we describe it. Our time with God is expressed as something that takes effort on our part.

“spiritual disciplines” 

-disciplines being something we choose to do, to make habit, to move from leisure into a disciplined or controlled form of behaviour 


 -activity of love, faithfulness or enthusiasm. Someone is a devotee of something if they regularly and enthusiastically spent time and effort to do it

“quiet time”

  – while you might argue that quiet is the absence of activity or doing, I’d say our loud, busy, demanding world requires us to take an action of stillness and silence if we are to find any time that could be described as quiet time

“making Godspace”

 – not just surprisingly discovering Godspace but intentionally making room, giving priority and taking effort to spend time with God

So, we don’t just fall into devos, quiet time or spiritual discipline. It’s not an accident or a surprise. We need to choose to undertake this most important activity. Making Godspace in our lives requires actually “making”.

That’s not to say God can’t or won’t surprise us. He often does. But regular time with God is spent as we make effort to do so.

In the above passage from Jeremiah, we find action required of those who want rest for their souls. “Stand”, “look”, “ask” and “walk in” the ancient paths. It takes movement to find rest for our souls.

Like our other relationships, a relationship with God requires action, commitment, affection and I’d say creativity. 

I want to cultivate my relationship with my wife so it continues and grows, I will think of what she enjoys and suggest spending time together in those ways. It could be a movie night out, a walk, taking a drive together or sharing a meal. We enjoy talking about the children or planning a holiday. Dreaming dreams that we share is always good. We drive our children crazy sometimes quoting movies or TV shows that we have enjoyed but they don’t connect with. But that’s part of our bond together. We have shared expirences, joys and history.

In my relationships with my children time spent one to one is also important. Great conversations can be had as we drive to activities. When you’re not staring into their eyes conversations can flow more freely and feelings are shared. Playing games, taking the dog for a walk, going out for lunch or ice cream or to share laughter, tears or thoughts in a movie are great bonders. Specifically, two of my children are fans of superhero movies and we share that passion. Again shared history is important. Sadly, none have caught the passion for the Lord of the Rings films, I failed in that parental responsibility.

And similar things can work as part of our intentional time with God too — think of  taking a walk, sharing conversation while driving, dreaming dreams, having a meal or even watching a movie or play with God. I am a strong advocate of story as a great connector with life and our Creator. And movies or plays use stories to speak to our lives and our faith as well. 

So what are we waiting for?

If you want to make Godspace this week…

1 – set time aside

2- find a physical space

3- bring together such resources as will help you. Likely a Bible, and possibly a journal, pen, music, candle, other book or online resource and … (you fill in other options that suit you)

4- engage with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

5 – repeat

Make Godspace, have a quiet time, do your devotions or engage in spiritual disciplines. It’s worth the effort and beginning is huge!

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