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I’m Embarassed

I’m embarrassed to admit that one year ago I began this blog and one other with the intention of blogging on each of them at least once a week. I’m embarrassed because I didn’t live up to that vision.

I worked up to the official launch date which was International Start a Blog Day” — ta daaaaa!  The idea being that by following some preparatory steps and then starting on that date bloggers would be encouraged to get on with blogging and then be able to keep on. There was encouragement and community to help us to live up to our blog visions. 

I took those steps. It really was helpful! [thanks to!] I put effort into having my blog ready to go at the big day. AND I DID IT! And I was able to blog many times throughout the year. But not every week. If I look back there were several weeks with no posts. Now, there are reasons like holidays and busyness that contributed to that failure…there it is the f word, failure. But it was also a lack of discipline and  organization on my part. I own that, it’s part of me.

At the same time, I wanted to blog without doing it slavishly. I figured some weeks two posts, some one, maybe none sometimes and it would balance out. That’s kind of the way I work.

Although I find this embarrassing, I’m not that broken up by it. Yes, I failed to live up to my vision. (Cue heavy dramatic music for emphasis)

But my thing is always, “okay, get over it and start again today”. As Scarlet O’Hara said in Gone With The Wind, “Tomorrow is another day.” In life, we get an unending opportunity for do-overs if we’re willing to use them. AND I AM. 

So, maybe you’ve let yourself down recently. Or done something embarrassing. Join the club.  But give yourself a break and start again. 

God gives second chances. Just check out so many people in the Bible. We see patterns of success, failure, success, failure, and so on. And they make some real big mistakes/failures!

So, give yourself permission to try again. Admit your mistake, failure, embarrassment and then say in your best Georgia accent, “Tomorrow is another day.” (add a “fiddle-dee-dee” if you’re really into it) Shalom.

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