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Effective Ways to Increase Your God Time

Time is our most valuable resource. 

I used to think it was people or skills or training. I never really thought of it as money. Some people do. But for me money was never the great resource or the great goal. Just look at my job choices to confirm that! Ha!

Time is what everyone wishes they had more of. Time for rest, special projects, leisure, with your beloved, playing with your kids — we all want more time!

Way back in the 20th century (not that long ago unless you’re under 18) there was talk of 20 or 10 hour work weeks in the future. We’d see technology develop and work change and we’d end up with long weekends and short work days. But like flying cars it hasn’t happened. 

So, how’s your time with God? 

Not enough? That’s a common cry. 

We don’t have time to pray. 


We have to work, go to school, care for our family, pursue leisure or spend time catching up with people on social media. Okay that last one is a new one. Increasingly in the last couple of decades our computers, tablets and phones have begun to fill hours of our days. Just think what it was like before we could stream seasons of our favourite shows! 

It might be a few minutes at a time. But it’s throughout the day that we turn to our devices — when we wake up, when we’re waiting in line, between our daily tasks, as we prepare supper or do homework and housework. It’s hours a day and we can’t pretend it’s not significant. How does that rate along with your God time? Here’s a couple of questions to help bring that into focus:

When was the last day you didn’t check your social media? 

When was the last day you didn’t pray?

Ooh, that’s embarrassing, to me at least, perhaps you’re fine.

So, what do we do? How can we change to make God space in our days?

2 Effective Ways to Make God space in your Day

1. Book time for God.

Which in itself is a crazy concept  as if the God of the universe needs you and I to favour Him with time. But we don’t leave time for God. So, make God space in your week  just like any other appointment. And do it because He’s important to you.

Actually take your calendar app on your phone or other device that rules your life and mark time and space for God. Then keep the appointment, non-negotiably. Period.

Sometimes we don’t want to limit our options for the day. That’s why we don’t make plans with friends and I’d have to guess it’s why we don’t set time aside for God. (ooh, that’s convicting) REALLY? Do you hear that? Time with God, THE Creator of the universe, is somehow limiting our options?? 

Seriously, if my dentist gets a spot in our calendar (okay it’s only twice a year, at least I hope only twice) then how is it God doesn’t?

So, set some time. Pick a day or a few this week and set aside space and time for God. Then meet Him. 

Option #2. Give God the In-between Times

This is not a good solution on it’s own. God should not get the leftovers or your day or be crowded to the margins of a minute here and there. But it’s a step in the right direction because we are prioritizing spending time with God. So, what if we spent time checking in with God instead of our social media?

For example, 

Waiting in line? 

Ask God to bring someone to mind to pray for. Possibly a bunch of people depending on the length of your line.


Got a few minutes while supper cooks? 

Read a Psalm. Pick one, you can’t miss!


Waiting for your kids to come out from dance/karate/hockey/detention? 

Sing praises to God at the top of your lungs in the car with a worship song.


Got a minute, any minute? 

Thank God, tell Him how much you love Him.


Are you waiting for wifi to load or tech to work?

Ask God to speak to you somehow to bring something to your attention.


Better than social media, more binge-worthy that streamed TV content, take some time, make some time for God. 

Want ideas on what to do and encouragement for why? For the Advent season, my friends at 24-7 Prayer have a series of Advent Podcasts called Selah Series III which you can access on your digital device. They’re only a minute long but they give reasons and ideas on how to connect with God. Check them out wherever you find podcasts or at

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