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Driving Prayer

Ever been driving in weather so bad that it naturally prompted you to pray?

Yeah, me too. A pounding rain storm, gale force winds, blowing snow, hail or some combination of these moves me right away into prayer mode. And that’s good, it  shows that prayer is a call for help. It says that your prayer is a natural awareness that you’re not sufficient.

Insufficiency is an important part of prayer.

Prayer is a cry for help.

Prayer is adoration or submission to the all powerful God who is bigger than our circumstances.

Prayer is realizing our proper place in the world. The place of the created who needs and depends on our Creator.

But I’m not really talking about prayers prompted by bad driving conditions. Gotcha! Actually, my lovely wife and I were in the dessert of Nevada last week and as we drove among spectacular rocky canyons we couldn’t help but be awed by God’s creation around us. It brought us to silence in the presence of God. A time of prayer and submission in wonder to God as we drove through His creation.

And it was just at that time that a favourite song came on our phone’s playlist, CALLING OUT YOUR NAME  by the late Rich Mullins. (miss Him a lot, love his music) And what a perfect worship/prayer moment — a song that speaks of the wonders of God’s creation, with “the pound of buffalo’s hooves…thunder in the sky…sky about to rain…the fury of a pheasant’s wing” and how it all calls out God’s name, YES!

Is there a song or musical playlist that brings you clearly into God’s presence?

It might be associated with a past experience of God or maybe the composer just hit the song’s music and lyrics right and they help you connect with the almighty. Have you listened to it lately? Music is such a powerful connection to God for many people. Why not dig out that song or album or playlist now? Why wait?

Maybe it’s a good time for a drive. Back now at home in Ontario our fall colours are just coming into their full beauty. It’s a good time for a “driving prayer”.

Why not take a driving prayer or if you prefer to call it a driving worship time near you? Our Creator has untold wonders awaiting you and whether you prefer music or quiet to see them it’s good to take time for driving prayer.

God bless you this week as you wander in His presence!

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