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Turning the world upside down!


“These who have turned the world upside down 

have come here too.”  NKJV


That was the cry of the mob as they dragged followers of Jesus out of their homes in Thessalonica. Acts 17:6

It must have been a fearful moment for those simple believers. Or maybe not, perhaps they were so filled with the Holy Spirit and unintimidated by what people could do to them that they were not afraid. 

I think I would have been pretty scared. There’s shouting, there’s dragging, and then the tossing of the believers in front of the city officials. As a simple Canadian, I notice how quickly we slow down and act innocent when a police car appears on the highway near us or our politeness in the face of authority, and most everyone else. I think I’d be scared. 

But then to hear themselves described that way!


“these who have turned the world upside down”


Wow, that’s pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want to be one of those kind of people!

Someone who turns the world upside down. The world can use it. Frequently.

I’ve seen people do that. I bet you have too. Famous people, unknown people, people you know and those you wish you knew. And maybe a few you’d be afraid to know. But what a description, 

“these who have turned the world upside down”

As our encouraging scripture for Monday (or Wednesday), I’m getting fired up by this one. Why don’t we turn the world upside down!? 

Oh, not in our own strength or with our own ideas but those of Jesus. As His followers, that description is meant for us too. That’s awesome! So how do we live it, how do we make it happen?

We’d freak people out, probably in a good way. But in Jesus’ name it would be a good thing to do. Think about it, pray about it, dream about it and do it!

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