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Unusual Ways to Spend Time With God

Try a different way to spend time with God this week. You could do the dishes, clean your house, vacuum, do  laundry or make the bed! Doing chores can be a very Christ focused time.

I have often found doing dishes a great way to get alone with God. No one else helps, it’s quiet, you can focus on God as you do this simple task. You can build up a relaxing meditative rhythm of washing, rinsing and putting the dishes in the dish rack. I often tell people that I find doing dishes to be a great time with God. And they often invite me to their house to spend God time doing their dishes!

This idea lines up with historical Christian practices. For example, celtic Christians would do household chores to the glory of God praying as they went and even specifically praying, “I make this bed to the glory of God”. I did something similar during the time I was a school bus driver, praying “I drive this bus to the glory of God”. 

Brother Lawrence, a monk from hundreds of years ago worked in the kitchen of the monastery. He prayed and focused on God as he went about his daily duties and in the book, THE PRACTICE OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD, he testifies that in this way He was always present with the Lord.

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