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My Sister-in-law Called


My sister-in-law telephoned me today. May not sound unusual to you but the only time she ever calls me is on my birthday. That’s not today.

She called because she’s a teacher in a school in the Cayman Islands and they did something she thought I’d want to hear about. 

They set up a room for prayer. 


She remembered me talking about such things and thought I’d be interested in hearing what they did. There were creative stations with bright colours, twinkling lights, drawings and prayers done creatively. 

And the most amazing thing, and she repeated this a couple of times,

the children were quiet and even reverential.”


This is not how her class behaves, EVER! But they came into the room, they spent time in prayer and they were impacted by the room and their own prayers. She couldn’t believe the way the children had behaved and prayed. She’d never seen anything like it she kept saying over and over.

I asked, “Did someone at the school get the idea from 24-7 Prayer?”

“No”, she’d never heard of that.

“Oh wait,” she looked at a note she had. “It came from something called Prayer Spaces in Schools”.  [ahhah! from 24-7 Prayer International]

I encouraged her to talk with her coworkers about how effective the prayer room had been and hoped that she had prayed as well.

Can I just say, when someone excitedly tells me, a convinced 24-7 prayer advocate, about 24-7 prayer events it’s a very cool thing.  Setting up a special space for prayer can be a great motivator, opportunity, resource for a family, an individual, a class or an entire school.

It takes prayer out of the picture of a few tired saints in a church parlour and it engages our imaginations with the Creator of the universe. It speaks to people  who like many of us are visual learners and artistic and who want to express their prayers in different than the usual ways. It creates an atmosphere of prayer where we encounter the Holy Spirit.

HT Prayer Spaces in Schools! Well done.

If you want to talk about setting up a prayer space in a school, get in touch with me I’d love to help or encourage! It’s been great fun in past schools!

But also check out,

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