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The Right Timing

Ever tried to do your quiet time before going to bed and then you wake up with your face literally in your Bible?  Night time devotions can work for some people but for many it’s too easy to fall asleep in the middle of reading or prayer.

A lot of people do devotions in the morning when they first get up. It’s akin to early morning exercise in starting the day off right. They figure then way you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. That’s great if it works for you.

The Bible tells us that Jesus often went into the hills alone early in the morning or late at night to pray. (Matthew 14:23) Although that is a good example, it’s not a prescription of a time when we must do our God time.

I think you need to determine what time works best for you. It might be at lunchtime when you can set a lunch date with God. You can even take some of that hunger and direct it as hunger for God! A side benefit is that could help you eat less or better as well. 

Or are there times in your day when your schedule naturally has a break where praying and reflecting, conversing with God could work to make the day more God-focused and you more loving to the people around you. Maybe you even need it because of stress or difficult people. A break for prayer or Bible reading could help the rest of your day a lot!

If you have a regular time that works then enjoy it but if you struggle with timing then why not try a new time!



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