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Podcasts to Prepare You for Easter

Special times like Easter and Christmas can sometimes sneak up on us.

“What, Easter already!?” I haven’t had time to think about it. Umm, I guess I’d better…”

If you want help this week preparing your head and your heart for Easter let me recommend to you a series of podcasts from 24-7 Prayer. They do great podcasts in preparation for  seasons like Advent and Lent!

The podcasts tap into the heart of the 24-7 Prayer — Jesus!

This new series of Lenten podcasts is called Take Time. They are running from Palm Sunday up to Easter Sunday with contributors from 24-7 Prayer ( around the world.

You can catch up on them by starting with the Palm Sunday one and listening to the others to bring you up to date. Each day a new one is released.

You can find the podcasts at

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