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Can we come to God trusting that He wants to spend time with us?


It’s less about us and more about God. The God who sent His Son, Jesus to give us life by dying in an agonizing and humiliating way on the cross. He did that because of His love for us. (John 3:16 – “for God so loved the world”)

He did that to set us free from our sins and to give us access to Himself.

So God has gone far out of His way, beyond anything we deserve to make a way for us to come to Him. YES, we can trust that God wants to spend time with us.

Think about the people you love and who love you. I know that if I have a day or an afternoon off then I can spend it with my kids or my wife, assuming they’re not tied up with work or school. I know that they like to spend time with me.

Why do I know that?


We’ve enjoyed so many great times together and it doesn’t have to be going somewhere special like Disney World or the movies or even for a fast food supper. It can be delivering the kids’ newspapers together or walking the dog or grocery shopping. Or it can be the things that we do together that are special to us like stuffy tag (you tag each other with a stuffed toy, it’s silly and fun) or watching superhero movies. It’s the together part that matters NOT the thing we’re doing.

That’s the way it is with God too, I believe.

First, He has history with you. If you have a relationship then that’s history. Or if this is a new concept to you. Then I tell you that He wants to have a relationship with you and the history is that He send His Son to die for you. That’s pretty amazing history.

Second, just as it’s not about what we do with our families, it isn’t so much about what you do with God. God isn’t just waiting for you to do devotions or daily prayers in a certain way or like everyone else. God wants to spend time with you. The how isn’t the most important thing!

But there is one thing about us that draws God to us. But isn’t something we can take any credit for.

He made us. Each of us. We are His cherished offspring made by His intention and with His design. Keep in mind Psalm 139 in verses 13-14 that talks of us being “fearfully and wonderfully made”. We are His handiwork and that has to count for something as He looks at us and spends time with us.

Again I can compare it to my children. They are my children and mean something special to my wife and myself because they are our kids.

God wants to spend time with you.

He made you,

He loves you beyond your understanding and even gave His Son to be reunited with you.

With God’s desire to be with us, we can come into His presence at pretty much any time and in a variety of ways!

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