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The Power of The Pause

When our kids were little and we needed to get their attention all at once, we’d shout,

“Everybody pause!” 

Meaning that they had to stop what they were doing and listen. Kind of like pausing a video or DVD, they all understood that.

Funny part of it was our youngest wouldn’t get it quite right and when she wanted everyone to stop and pay attention she’d shout, “Everybody POSE!”
And so we’d freeze in place, posing, no matter what we were doing. Which often looked really weird especially at the dinner table.

So, even now when I think of pausing, I think of stopping immediately what I’m doing and paying attention. I don’t usually freeze in place but the whole idea of stopping whatever I’m doing is a powerful one. Sadly, it’s not often I take a pause. Certainly not often enough.

Life is busy. (True, but an excuse)

Work is busy. (Also true, but an excuse still.

And it’s not just busy, it’s that there are so many more things I need to do. Goals I have to achieve. Things I could be doing if I could just make the time. If I worked harder or was more organized or was more focused on the tasks at hand.

Connecting with God calls for a pause.

So, why do we lack pause?

Maybe because we think we’re irreplaceable or just that we are too busy.

Too busy for God? Okay, that’s not just silly but downright disrepectful. Putting our busyness over God. Oh, we wouldn’t say it that way. But it’s true much of the time.

Jesus, the one we love, often took time or a pause to be with God. Many times we read passages like Luke 4:42 (NIV) where we see,

“At daybreak, Jesus went out to a solitary place.”

Jesus took a break, a pause, time alone with God regularly. He is our Lord and example.

Today I stopped and enjoyed the sunshine. It’s February and by this time of year many of us are missing sunlight and feeling it deeply. So when we get a sunny day or afternoon it’s worth pausing for.


As I look at the sunshine on the snow, the trees and world around me, I can’t help but think about God and His wonder. The stuff He makes, the wonder of it all. The creativity, the symmetry and beauty. It’s awesome!

I just sat.

Paused. Posed, if you prefer.

It gave me time to reflect. To pay attention and put things into perspective.

I thought of God’s  provision of our daily bread and the many other blessings in our life. I thought of how He walks with us through the hard times and how His grace is sufficient for us when we are not strong or are suffering.

I paused. A pause is a good thing. It’s an opportunity to disengage from all the busyness and business and harried days. A pause doesn’t cost much but it’s value is amazing.

Tomorrow, part 2 of The Power of the Pause



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