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Working Prayers or Praying at Work

  And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Colossians 3:17 NKJV   Spiritual practice isn’t just about some quiet isolated, meditative time we spend locked away. It’s about real life. Really. As the fall season begins and

Naps, resting in the Lord

  By definition, a nap is a short daytime sleep. Some are called power naps because they happen very briefly and rejuvenate the napper.    I’ve noticed that napping is not uncommon in worship services. It’s happened to me and to people I’ve been with both young and old. Let me say, it’s especially fun

Be Still and Know

In our Disciplemaking Communities this year, we’re reading a Psalm a week as we seek to grow in living a life of worship. The Psalter is a beautiful worship-filled series of songs that brings us to God in all kinds of moods, metaphors and praise.  Our people are reading the psalm in different versions, listening

Too Busy

“I have so much to do!”   Not an uncommon statement in my life and maybe yours too. But it’s when that dictates the plan for my day then I’m in trouble.  It’s the sense of urgency that messes me up. I forget to put first things or actually the first Person first. Yes, you

Psalm 139 Close Up

Psalm 139 is lots of people’s favourite psalm and if you take time to prayerfully rest in its many parts you can find new ways for that beautiful word from God to soak into your life. Let me start by explaining this example of creative ways to spend time with Jesus took place in our

Unusual Ways to Spend Time With God

Try a different way to spend time with God this week. You could do the dishes, clean your house, vacuum, do  laundry or make the bed! Doing chores can be a very Christ focused time. I have often found doing dishes a great way to get alone with God. No one else helps, it’s quiet,

Got Rhythm?

O One of the spiritual practices that I’ve found really helpful is doing a daily rhythm or daily office. I guess I identify with it because I so strongly identify faith as a rhythm of life.  For me, organizing my day is sometimes difficult. (I’m not organized) But if I slate in a variety of

Back Away From the Cell Phone!

  About ten years ago we would get up in the morning and immediately turn on the radio to check the weather. Had to figure out how to dress our kids for school. Not anymore. Now we look at our cell phone or tablet and see the weather any time we want. We can see

The Right Timing

Ever tried to do your quiet time before going to bed and then you wake up with your face literally in your Bible?  Night time devotions can work for some people but for many it’s too easy to fall asleep in the middle of reading or prayer. A lot of people do devotions in the

The Open Road and Prayer

I get spring fever every year. The urge to drive somewhere, see the country, explore new regions, get away! There’s something special about getting away and the newness of spring always seems to awaken it within me. And  along with those travels are the finding of great new places to be with God. As our